History and Purpose. The company founder has had a long and keen interest in photography and filming. During high school, college and military service there were many events and activities available to capture as stills and or movies. However, unlike today, stills and movie film then lacked sound and often color. The captured pictures and scenes were usually difficult to assemble into a watchable movie production. This challenge produced a strong desire for the founder to find better equipment and ways to save important events and happenings for others to see and revisit for years to come.

Today there are means to enhance old movies and stills through digitizing photos and films, adding sound effects, editing footage to blend scenes and include titles and background music. Some people have saved their music, pictures and activities in color and with sound on audio and video tape recorders. Such tape medium deteriorates with time especially if captured in analog rather than digital format. One purpose of Silver Oaks Video Productions is to help the public save important family and community memories on tape through movie production education and video services.

Current cell phones and tablets offer their users a way to save digitized pictures and videos in full color and with sound. The events they save in cell or tablet memories do not deteriorate with time but are subject to loss through accident to or theft of the device if copies were not made and stored on another medium. Free or low cost movie editing software is available to cell phone movie enthusiasts on both Macintosh and Windows computer environments to save copies or edit captured events but they often find that it takes some time to become acquainted with using the software to reliably save or produce a video.

Another purpose of Silver Oaks Video Productions is to offer how to guides for saving pictures and videos as a backup or joining them into short, enjoyable movie presentations for storing back on such devices.

The founder has set aside the silveroaksvideo.com website for general communication and education about video productions. The site also offers both pro-bono and compensated services. Two other websites are set aside for showing community event productions and selected client projects.